Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Delicious Energy Nuggets!

You just have to try this recipe! I made this recipe as an experiment, and it actually turned out delicious. My husband and my 2.5 year old both think they are yummy. These are a great balanced treat to have when you need something satiating and nutritious. Honey gives you a quick boost, combined with healthy fats (coconut and sunflower seeds) for long-lasting energy. These nuggets are an excellent source of omega 3's and protein.

You may be asking yourself could this be true? Can you get all of that in something that actually tastes good to? Apparently, you can. Here is how:
Warm coconut cream and oil in warm water so it is liquid enough to work worth. Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl (except for sunflower seeds). Let sit for a few minutes until it begins to harden enough that it can be rolled into small balls. I was able to make about 10 balls using 1/4 cup base measurement. Spread ground sunflower seeds or shredded coconut out on a plate and roll balls to coat. 

Lay balls out on a small plate and set in refrigerator for at least one hour before eating. Keep unused energy balls in a sealed glass container in the refrigerator. 

A great snack in between meals, delicious treat for kids or lunches, pre-workout energy source. You can munch on these delicious treats just about any old time, and enjoy the benefits. 

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