Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why Nutrition?

In thinking about how to start off this blog, I realized that it might be beneficial to begin with explaining why I think nutrition is important. I can start off by saying something cliche like "you are what you eat", or "an apple a day", blah, blah, blah. My view is that nutrition is just one piece of the whole pie (oh wait, that's sort of cliche). Anyway, when you eat the right diet that is custom built for you, it resinates in everything else in your life. You sleep better, have more energy, fight off disease, heal, look better, think more clearly, and become generally happier - why in the world wouldn't you spend what little free time you have seeking out this state of existence? Oh, because it takes some extra thought and effort? It is so worth it.

I have gone through this transformation, experimenting on myself with what works and what doesn't. How do I know what works? If I feel good, it's working. I have become a more patient wife and mother, better at my job, feel more rested and clear headed allowing me to figure out how to return phone calls and make grocery lists, squeeze in some exercise, find some down-time, and prepare as much nourishing food for myself and my family as possible. It is a busy life, but it is full of good things. I feel alive and happy and want others to feel this way too. I want my son to experience all kinds of foods in life, have the foundation he needs to grow up taking care of his body so he can experience all life has to offer him, help my husband eat in a way that minimizes the effects of his type 1 diabetes, and honor my mother's life who I lost to breast cancer by taking care of myself and hopefully never having to experience that type illness.

Once you have gone through a "nutritional transformation" yourself you feel so good and receive such positive responses that you want others to be able to feel the way you do. Not everyone knows how to eat well, and more importantly, how to eat well for their specific needs. It takes some learning, paradigm shifting, and behavioral changes. Isn't it so strange that we have become so accustomed to the over-processed, nutrition deficient, cheap, fast foods that we have access to today that we actually have to re-learn what is good for us? We have to make food and what we put into or bodies a little more of a priority than last on the list.

If that isn't enough reason to care about nutrition even just a little, take a look at some of the older generation, folks in their 60-90's. I am only 35 and I feel my body changing and growing older all the time. I would like to grow old gracefully, and to minimize potential complications. If eating well means better digestion, more energy, better health, and less problems in 20 years, sign me up!

This is "why nutrition" for me. I would love to hear "why nutrition" for you, and if you think nutrition doesn't matter, I would be interested in understanding why.

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